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This operation is carried out to unblock the nose and sinuses and improve the sense of smell. It is used to treat nasal polyps, sinusitis and other less common conditions.

There is no external scar on the face.

This operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and you should not eat or drink for six hours prior to admission.

Antibiotics are not routinely required, but may be given if a specific infection is discovered at operation.

It is important not to blow your nose or do hard physical exercise for one week following surgery. These actions could cause bleeding.

Sniffing to clear the nose will not cause any harm.

If needed, take painkillers, which you are familiar with.

You will be advised to take nasal douches for a few days after the operation. The douche consists of salty water (saline). If you run out of saline provided by the ward, add a teaspoon of salt to one pint of boiling water. Allow this to cool and use this to douche. The aim of these is to help clear the nose.

You may feel that your nose is more blocked immediately following surgery. This will improve as healing occurs (up to six weeks).

You may return to work after one or two weeks.

You will be followed up in the outpatient clinic.

Please contact your Suite at the Alexandra Hospital on  0161 428 3656 if you have any questions or concerns.

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