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The adenoids are usually removed in children for snoring, glue ear and blocked nose.

The operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and you should not eat or drink anything for six hours prior to the operation.

The operation is usually performed as a day case unless combined with other procedures. It is not a painful operation, but Paracetamol may be required for sore throat after general anaesthetic.

It is important to eat and drink normally after this procedure as saliva production helps keep the mouth clean. It does not matter what you eat or drink. Please avoid pineapple juice, which contains an enzyme that makes the throat very painful after this procedure.

Children may return to school after five days.

You will be followed up in the outpatient clinic.

Please contact your Suite at the Alexandra Hospital on  0161 428 3656 if you have any questions or concerns, e.g. bleeding.

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